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Tranby National Indigenous Adult Education and Training has been an important place of self-determination and social activism for the Aboriginal community in Australia for over 60 years. Set in the leafy suburb of Glebe, Sydney, Tranby has grown and transformed over its history, from a place of social action and education to meeting community needs with the development of new courses that better meet the needs of the community and address the challenges facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. In 2019 Tranby's ethos remains the same – Educate, Achieve and Empower the Indigenous community; however, the methods of doing this have changed. 

Thanks to a grant from The Alternative Future Foundation to get the project started, Tranby is now taking its most important bespoke course online! The Diploma of Applied Aboriginal Studies course is a Tranby trademark and one that has empowered many students over the years by encouraging them to connect with and learn from their Aboriginal heritage and identity. 

In Australia, current incarceration levels reflect a huge social issue. Statistics demonstrate that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are the most incarcerated people on the planet. Although there are many programs aimed at keeping our peoples out of gaols, there are only a small number of Aboriginal-run programs that are working with inmates on the inside to reduce recidivism levels through cultural connection. Tranby's 2019 focus is providing education through an online and interactive course-delivery model that connects Indigenous inmates to their culture, history and identity. For Aboriginal peoples who continue to experience intergenerational trauma and cultural dislocation as a result of ongoing colonisation, connection to culture is considered the best way to heal. This project will explore new technologies that are available offline to connect people with their culture to meet their unique learning needs, including learning through interactive mediums and engaging video and podcast content delivery.

This exciting project is now underway, and the Tranby team are working hard to combine old and new ways of learning that are culturally competent. Meeting the current needs of the Aboriginal community has meant Tranby has had to be innovative and dynamic in its approach, addressing new challenges with solutions that promote self-determination and empowerment. 

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