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Building positive

alternative futures

for those in need

proudly supported by Hedge Funds Rock
and the Australian alternative
t awards

Congratulations t0 the 2023 winners


The Alternative Future Foundation has been born out of the philanthropic efforts of the alternative investment industry in 2002 with the first "Hedge Funds Rock" fundraising night held in Sydney. All aspects of our investment community –investment managers, brokers, bankers, auditors, lawyers, administrators and investors - have come together to form the Foundation.

Its aim is simple, the Foundation harnesses the willingness and the financial support from inside and outside the Australian alternative investment community, to build a permanent capital base, for deployment through diverse and focused charitable bodies, to help build positive alternative futures for individuals and their families.


“The COVID19 pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the issue of domestic and family violence, and the need to provide safe solutions for women and children experiencing it. I am incredibly grateful to partner with organisations like AFF and Hedge Funds Rock to shine a light on our need to respond to a ‘whole of society’ problem with a  whole of society solution, raising awareness around the issue and providing vital financial support to ensure women and children are safe when they need it most” 

—  Annabelle Daniel, OAM - CEO

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Hedgefunds Rock & The Alternative Investment Awards

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